​​​​​​​​Royal Park Investments SA/NV (Royal Park Investments) is the company in which certain financial assets of Fortis Bank were lodged further to the rescuing of the bank in 2008.

Royal Park Investments sold its entire portfolio of financial products to Lone Star Funds, a private group which is active worldwide.

The company’s main area of operations currently consists of getting the best results for the company’s interests in the legal proceedings being conducted in the United States of America. The cases in progress (in California and New York) are linked to assets acquired in the past and break down into approximatively ten legal proceedings conducted against various financial institutions

The litigation relates to ‘repackaged American mortgage loans’, in which Fortis invested at the time, offered by the financial institutions against which action is being taken to claim indemnification for the losses in value incurred on these assets.

The company’s head office is now located at Avenue du Boulevard 21 / 14th floor - 1210 Brussels​. Today, Ageas arranges for the administrative management of Royal Park Investments.